...a very ancient land, rich in mystery, scents and colors to be loved...

Arcipelago della Maddalena

  • La Maddalena archipelago
  • Budelli Island
  • Caprera
  • Cala Coticcio
  • Polpo beach
  • Spargi Island

La Maddalena archipelago: unbelievable beauty!

A colour explosion, from the blue of the sea to the green of the vegetation, from the white of the beaches to the rose of the rocks. It’s a true jewel in the Sardinian waters.
It’s made of 7 main isles (La Maddalena, Caprera, Budelli, Santo Stefano, Santa Maria, Spargi, Razzoli) and some minor isles, touched by a wonderful and transparent sea.






Budelli Island, with Razzoli isles and Santa Maria, make a slice of heaven in the Mediterranean Sea.
Budelli Island is a protected beach, known as the rose beach, because its sand becomes rose thanks to a microorganism, called miniacina miniacea, that lives on posidonia, to which it gives a white rose colour on the top of the leaves.
This microorganism, at the end of its vital cycle, falls on the sea bottom, where it’s dragged on the shore by the stream, giving a chromatic effect, which looks like magic.
Its keeper, the only inhabitant of this beauty, is a former teacher from Modena. Mauro has lived in the island and has taken care of it for the last 28 years. Thanks to his tales and his love for this land, Budelli is covered by unbelievable beauty.





Caprera island is one of the isles that make La Maddalena archipelago. It’s known for its naturalistic beauties, but also because it preserves the memory of the 26 years Giuseppe Garibaldi spent there. There you can visit the Compendio Garibaldi, his tomb and the Casa Bianca, his home until his death.





Cala Coticcio is a wonderful beach in the north-east of Caprera island, and it’s one of the best beaches of the archipelago.
It’s a thin and white sand beach, touched by a crystal clear sea. Lifting our look, we can appreciate rose granite rocks, with mastics, juniper, and heather, that make its context.
Cala Coticcio is also known ad “Tahiti”, because of its white and thin sand and for its crystal clear sea.





Testa del Polpo beach (I giardinelli) is in the south of La Maddalena island, in Isoleddu place. The beach name is due to the enormous rock that overlooks it, that looks like an octopus head. The beach is made of a white, very thin sand, and of a transparent and crystal clear sea, often compared to a natural swimming pool.



When talking about Spargi Island, you can’t avoid to name Cala Soraya beach, which is along La Maddalena archipelago’s island’s east coast.

The beautiful beach is made of a very thin white sand, on a crystal clear water sea, which has a low and sandy bottom. The colours range from turquoise to blue and emerald green.

It’s a heaven you can’t lose, if you want to know the island in all its glory.