...a very ancient land, rich in mystery, scents and colors to be loved...

Sardinia Week

Our agency is born from love for our island.
We discovered this island 30 years ago, thanks to a holiday. Our holiday became a life choice. The time spent on the island amazed us, and it gave us the knowledge of the land and the enthusiasm in meeting new people. The need to share so much beauty brought us to make a job out of a great passion.

Now we are a service agency because
...”There’s no greater aim than to help our neighbor”


Baia Sardinia
A little centre, well served by shops, bars, clubs, supermarkets, water park, and beaches, both equipped and free, where you’ll have the chance to practice sports: sailing, scuba diving, tennis.
Distance from Olbia’s port and airport: 33 km.
Distance from Porto Cervo: 5 km.


Poltu Quatu
This is where all of our journeys start. It’s a natural fjord in the centre of the Emerald Coast.

Sardinia Week - Cala Bitta